An innovative machine that instantly prepares supplement drinks.

  • Quick and on the go! The right formulas for optimum results.
  • Complete range of supplements with a variety of flavours.
  • Learn about smart nutrition and how to use supplements correctly.
  • No preservatives are added.It is so affordable.
  • Unique leak-proof lids.

How does it work?

  1. Select supplement and flavour.
  2. Use the cashless device.
  3. Enjoy a fresh drink within 20 seconds.

Powerdose line of supplements

  • Wide variety of formulas, concentrations and flavours constantly reviewed to satisfy every customers’ needs.
  • All supplements are our own. We have studied and tested the market for the best formulas and created our own line of formulas and supplements to suit the market.

How does Powerdose add value to your business?

We help you create a different and innovative experience educating your customers about what smart nutrition is:
  • For beginners, we offer informational campaigns to educate them on the use of supplements.
  • For intermediates, we provide all the necessary information on how to maximize their potential.
  • For experts, we offer a wide variety of supplements that they can use in every training step.
Educating your clients about how our supplements will change their gym performance, will encourage and motivate them to visit the gym more frequently.

We want to create a platform that influences a positive relationship with the gym lifestyle.

Increase your customer's engagement and loyalty

What support does Powerdose offer to our partnership?

  • Highly trained technicians will periodically refill, service, and clean your ASD.
  • Our technicians are trained to follow the safest practices every visit.
  • The Powerdose team will oversee everything that is required to maintain the machine. You will not need to do anything.
  • We professionally install the ASD at your preferred location.

How Powerdose contributes to your business profit?

  • We promote your gym by showing where our ASD machines are located on all of our platforms.
  • By selling advertisements on our screen! Every customer that you sign up to advertise with us, you will receive an agreed commission.
  • Use Powerdose free supplement drink credits as promotional support for your business.
  • We want to create a partnership together that will boost your customers engagement.
  • We will create some hype with or promotions and giveaways for your clients.

For your PT’s

  • Get a monthly courtesy credit to invite new users to try Powerdose and get a commission!
  • Get free training on the proper use of supplements to increase the value proposition for your customers.
  • Get PT’s involved in our promotions and build their customer base. We will cover costs for weekly training sessions in our promotional giveaways.