Tag us to win a free drink

Tag us with your powerdose drink and get your next drink free

We want to see you with your Powerdose. Tag us on an Instagram story.

To win:

  1. Select (and enjoy) one of our drinks from our machine
  2. Take a photo at the gym or wherever you are with Powerdose. Make sure your drink can be seen in the shot
  3. Follow our page @powerdose.group on Instagram
  4. Upload your photo as a story on Instagram.
  5. In your story, tag @powerdose.group AND your gym

We will be keeping an eye out on Instagram looking for your tag.

If your profile is not on public, be sure to follow and DM us your story you tagged us in. We will follow you back to see your tag!

Winners will be contacted directly for claim of prize.

Keep a lookout for this banner at your gym. The banner must be at your gym to be eligible to win.